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Maiyaki Abubakar Damilare

Once upon a time, in the middle of the river Niger ; there were numbers of fishermen going to and fro the river, elated they were, and excited were their families.

Once upon a time, across the trans-sahara were traders trooping in via the route from north and south, trekking around the nooks and crannies of our beautiful market.

Once upon a time, there were numbers of teeming youths plying liberally within our prosperous industries.

Once upon a time, the old ones in our land were gathering from both wide and near for a family festive, feast.

Once upon a time, the Children of my Darling Nation were dancing and rejoicing in a befitting locally made attire,with elements of merry in their bags, as songs of prosperity escapes their mouth.

But alas, today is indeed a sharp opposite of what we enjoyed.

Today, our river is now a shallow grave for hosting dead crabs and toads, living the fishermen with craps for food and sorrow for their kinsmen.

Today, our market has been reduced to nothing but a playing field, where naive kids exchange insults. Thus, forcing our alien patronisers to opt for our noisy neighbours.

Today, even our talented youth populace are scrambling for menial job opportunities while their unfortunate counterparts go searching for greener pastures abroad.

Today,our old generation are the catalyst of our misfortunes. Rather than bringing us together, they have torn us apart like a useless placard.

Today, children of our Country are innocent victims of malnutrition ; morbidity and infant mortality.
No wonder we are a confused generation !

It would however be unfair to conclude on an allegation of a solitary causation, but rather our predicament is indeed a product of a multifacet realities.
In simple terminologies, our Nation is suffering from a multi dynamic virus. And until we begin to learn our roles, take responsibility for blames, be patriotic enough as citizenry, we will remain underdeveloped.

However, the remedy is simple. The panacea to get us out of this entity of dichotomy, economic degradation, judicial corruption and social amorality is a collective effort.
Therefore, “we need to remind ourselves of our role as a people of global uniqueness in managing diversity in the most pragmatic manner”.

I hereby submit that we react and timely against this multitudes of cankerworms
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