About us

Myotimedia is a digital and online publishing company in Nigeria.

Myotimedia was birthed out of the passion for it’s founder, who is currently a publisher in the young company with interest in writing, media, politics and other things.
He is a writer, media curator, young politician, brand strategist, public speaker, social commentator and business man.

We have big dreams here at myotimedia, very big dreams that sometimes makes us frightened, but we are far from where we started and that’s the major encouragement in pushing forward.

We intend assisting as many youths as we can in brand strategy and free publicity as soon as we hit 20k followers on twitter, 100k likes on our Facebook page and 100k followers on Instagram. We also plan on getting to a stage of sponsoring as many youths as possible to start and own SME’s as we’ve come to understand from our survey that capital is a major handicap to most talented and inspired youths. We encountered a similar problem when starting this site, as the domain name was far beyond our budget, far beyond what we could afford, it was a premium domain name, the most expensive of all domain names. We overcame, and we determined in helping as many youths as we can. We are determined to achieving all our dreams, nevertheless, we are open to assistance or partnership for any of this at any time.

For sponsorship or partnership, reach us at hello@myotimedia.com or call +2348181070413. We would account for all funds contributed, as we’ve ensured that persons in charge are honest, virtuous, genuine and incorrupt. Accounts shall be made privately except for cases where we are instructed by the contributor to do so.

We are nonpartisan, trustworthy, and reliable in all our dealings and publications.