Written by ;

Maiyaki Abubakar Damilare

In between my thoughts and my goals, lies a wicked obstacle. Like a river, wanting to wash off my ‘big dreams’. This obstruction between me and my future just germinated like a weed. A weed would need a suitable environment to grow, and in turn would cause hazard to the environment that nurtured it. But one thing it failed to realize is this : “he who could make, could equally mar”.

When I started up, it was like a seed that would wait patiently for its time before it develops a root, stem and branches. Yet, I am still like a barren tree, praying for my season to produce fruits.

It is just a fact that the sun would shine on the tall trees, the rain would wet the tall trees, first before the common seed. However whether the seed would germinate or not remains a doubt. Therefore let the doubt be doubt while the fact continues to reign.
“But a dog that is destined for a journey of no return will never acknowledge whistles from the hunter”.

Let the cat not be overjoyed anytime she is called a tiger’s family. For it is true but deceptive. The jungle is for the wild and not the mild.
When the wind dances too much in euphoria, blowing off the ‘regalia’ and the ‘deities’, it would force the villagers to consult the oracle – Of which ruthless sacrifices would be made in consequence.
And on the familiar territory, the wind might become an aversion !

Let me sound a note of warning to my poor friend. She miraculously made her way through the heart of the king, then ‘Kabiyesi’ decided to bless her with marriage.
But as if she had forgotten her status, the common slave !
She would insult the king and slap his chiefs. Abomination !
Little did she know that the same king who asked for her hand in marriage, could also request for her head in the calabash.

Let all my obstacles remember me for something, I am a lion !


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