Impeccability in African elections : a big possibility

Written by;

Maiyaki Abubakar Damilare

It is no longer a news that elections on the continent of Africa are characterized by several irregularities. This,no doubt has downplayed the credibility of democracy in the second most populated continent of the world. From electioneering down to the main event,records of manipulations seems a certainty.

The situation wasn’t in any way a developed one, considering the just concluded ‘local government elections’ that was held across Kwara state,a state located on the North central region of Nigeria. Series of reports were brought to the public notice on how members of the media were allegedly humiliated,how ballots were snatched and several other malicious acts that really threatens the true governance across the continent.

Since it is internationally and politically ideal that politics should be “free and fair”, I think Africa really needs to come to the party and play a politics of good conscience, standard morality and pure legality if the continent must free itself from the shackles of underdevelopment.

Truly,our 21st century mentality should bother less on “How Europe under developed Africa”, and with all due respect to Walter Rodney, it is high time we learned from our bad policies,the one that have left us with bad governance, poverty and disease, and begin to think of how to liberate ourselves with selfless politics and peaceful election process.
Indeed, the voice of Man is the voice of God.

My argument :
In all sincerity, the present political challenges in Africa is a global phenomenon. But in this part of the world, It is gradually seeming a tradition. It is visible to the blind and very audible to the deaf that electoral violence and some other electoral vices are ‘global political threats’ but more of an African identity. I like to call election irregularities a ‘political malady’ as it seems to have found a place of sojourn in our mental space. Thus,striving persistently to strike a balance with our sense of nobility. This is unfortunate because it has steadily killed our sense of patriotism and of course ripped us apart.

It would be stale and laughable to conclude that this corruption in the electoral system should be blamed on the corrupt African leaders. Although, with all sense of consciousness and responsibility, the culpability of African politicians as regards this is boldly marked on the rocks. Should we then ignore the dirty footprints of the electorates on the carpets ?
Believe me,we really need to be committed as individuals, towards revamping our continent and make it great again.
This rejuvenation process would require that ‘all and sundry’ comes on board and bring about a vital change in all ramifications.
The implication is that we would be able to speak in one voice and achieve the true blueprints of democracy as a politics of numbers. When the majority truly start to carry the votes,then we can all be responsible to the government and make it answerable to us. Since bribery is not a one sided event,I believe there is need for sanity and repentance among the looters, the givers and the receivers of public treasury.

I believe the future of our youths is worth more than peanuts. We ought to have moved beyond the politics of an ‘International friendlies’, where we erect statues for daunting diplomatic reasons and leave our people to wander in penury. We need a clear statement !
We should kick the politics of bigotry to the stands,score a goal of National pride and embrace true policies of Nation building.

I strongly believe that Africa can be great again. If we lived with our differences and upheld the true African legacies of brotherhood and strongheartedness.
This is not a time to spell boundaries,neither is it a time to promote hate speeches, but certainly a time to fetch from the river of the ‘black heritage’ and pluck some remembrance fruits from the tree of history. We should eat together with love,drink with smile and cohabit in peace.

Let us remember that parts of the true teachings of democracy are “genuine liberty and true representation”. No election is worth the blood of any African.

We have shed enough blood.
We have harbored enough cannibals.
We have witnessed enough violence.
Enough is enough.
Our mumu don do !

Rise up Africans !

Say no to partisan politics !

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