Written by:

Maiyaki Abubakar Damilare

Can i cook a story ?
Once upon a time, I was at a cinema to see a movie. Only to realize that I was the only lone guy at the cinema.
The movie was super romantic but I didn’t have a boo.
Then I left angrily, thinking that I would get over it. But just at the entrance, I saw some pretty young boys and girls kissing.

I became more enraged. You really need to see my red eyes !
So I reached for my headphone to cool it off . Then I remembered my favorite song – of course there had never been a better time to listen to the lyrics than now.
At least, to forget all these craziness about romance.
But to my disappointment, these are pure love lyrics !
God damn it !
End of story !

Now my take :
Maybe love is life. Perhaps I became paranoid, but love is real. Although the scriptures laid emphasis on the importance of love, cohabitation and marriage, it wouldn’t have made much difference if they were not mentioned.

I believe that life itself is structured in such a way that both gender would need to cohabit for growth, development. In support, the human mind really understands the essence of togetherness especially, courtship.

Therefore whether the sentiment about ribs was real or not, it is nothing much to wonder.

Although the story about Adams and Eve, that narrates how three ribs were removed from Adam to create Eve, was purely religious. But as a potential psychologist, I might take it as a parable.
The ribs story could be taken as an illustration of how important a man is,to a woman and vice versa.

So to make a point, I think some ribs are truly missing. From the structure of our body, that unties the knot of misery, looking at the genitals, to our state of the mind, as regards mutual connections.
Hence without mincing words, i believe there is a need to look for the theoretical missing ribs.

As a matter of fact, a popular saying goes thus : “There is a woman for every man and vice versa.
Why don’t you just go for those ribs bro ?

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