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Maiyaki Abubakar Damilare

To begin with, our land is blessed : It is a very big but rare privilege to come from a Country as fortunate as such. Being the most populous black nation in the world, a host to many serious investors and quite important among the numerous fortunes is our natural endowments.
We are great !

Our ‘oriki’ (traditional title) ‘the giants of Africa’ has never being a mystery judging from the chapters of records, but it has become a misery that we now dwell on our past glories. Thus allowing the essence of the ‘present’ to fade away. No wonder some believe that our Nigeria has no future.
But one thing they have failed to realize is this :
“In making a history, you don’t have to wait for a particular season. History is like a clock, it never stops. Yo can only make the best out of the time or rue your chances”
In relation to the above quote of mine, nothing can stop the future from reigning. Betterer, today doesn’t determine tomorrow, only the lessons does.
Think of it :
If the future was certain, we won’t be hopeful – that is to say that the future is totally in the embryo and it can only be predicted based on facts.

Even with the facts at hands, it would be professionally wrong for anyone to speak of tomorrow with certainty. But based on facts, one could only assume with confidence.
That is what differentiates an academic from a medium.
So next time around, if i would hear a loud and clear voice, saying that ‘Nigeria has no future’, it must be from the mouthpiece of an oracle or a prophet. Then, I would understand.
But from an academic, it would be a gross blunder.

Besides, no developed Country in the world today has escaped the period of “Nation building”. Building a world-class state takes a gradual process. And I believe gradually, Nigeria is getting there. That is why we are categorized as a ‘developing’ nation.

Well, questions might be asked as to how long it would take us to get there. Let me submit these two : firstly, you don’t have to wait for all the sectors to reach their peak. One would surely develop faster than the rest.
Again, you don’t have to wait for what the government can do for you. You can be so good at what you do and not only create a job for yourself, but take thousands of Nigerians out of joblessness by creating your own environment, as such putting foods on many family’s table. With that, you have tackled job/food insecurity, disease. You have reduced the level of crime by a reasonable margin, thus improving the National security. Also you must have empowered a lot of children. Wao !
You must have really helped the Country and hey, you would no longer smile to the bank but command the bank manager.

Such is Aliko Dangote, such is Otedola, such is Oba Otudeko such is Mike Adenuga, such is Alakija and others.
Because great people don’t really nag, but crack their brains.

So I challenge you today. Do something for yourself. Nigeria has a bright future and I sincerely think you, reading this article, are the one.

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