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Maiyaki Abubakar Damilare

Constitution is the basis for justice in any society. Certainly, one fundamental distinction between the ‘animal kingdoms’ and the human society is basically, orderliness !
However, there can’t be decorum, peace, settlement of disputes, agitation for right and in fact, provision of dividends of democracy if the constitution was lacking.

Therefore, it is not out of a sage path to define constitution as “a tool for maintaining sanity,also ensuring equality. Whether it is written or not,those are the two types !
The latter in the case of Britain while the former was adopted by Nigeria. The ‘bottom line’ was its purpose – it was designed to promote equity and justice.

As popularized by the late British jurist, A.V Dicey. The sole purpose was to let voice to the voiceless,give liberty to the cheated prisoners and protect the lives,properties of “all and sundry.”
But alas,what ordinarily should be the last hope of the common man in our dear Country has suddenly become a nightmare. This is so because ;
“Rather than being a referee,penalizing defiant players for political insincerity, economic insecurity and societal irregularities alike, it opts for a title of a mere spectator !
In deed, there is no doubt that constitution in this clime is seen as a toothless Bulldog.

In my Country, litigation is becoming a ‘fairytale’,where litigants have remorsefully reduced to drama practitioners, the court room being a comic theatre, verily, a perfect setting for a movie audition. Likewise regretfully, our advocates cum judges have suddenly became clowns !
Slow but steady, our fundamental human right gradually turns an illusion, just as the legal document begs for wings, they have become merely and mockingly, a subject of theories. Perhaps sooner or later, if we failed to arrest this situation, our land shall be reduced to that of the ‘animal kingdom’ where there are freelance attackers ; incessant saboteurs ; and dogmatic, a countless figure of bully.

I pray ! I pray ! I pray that may the day of cruel anarchy never see the light of the day, in Nigeria !

As we have done in the past, we have stood, also contemporarily, we still pose, not in solitary but in numbers to discord the attitudes of an outrageous economic jamboree.
The same way we have the capacity to unite against the brutal transformation of our judicial system into a common market of “noise makers” with little or no goods and services to exchange.
It is a crystalline lack of purpose and a total waste of resources to sit on a peg of wood, locked in the dock, and helplessly watch your right, assumably as a matter, as it gets torn apart like a useless placard.

‘It is rather that we ally against unmerited torment,or we remain silent and die of unruly mediocre diseases.’
Fellow Nigerians, United we stand and divided we fall – it is not just a mantra to be lavishly preached, but it does has the power of an “awakening slogan.”
With a sincere notion, and a pragmatic state of the mind ;
I still believe this is Nigeria and not otherwise

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