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Myotimedia is native digital/ online news platform owned and operated in Nigeria, Founded in 2018.

Myotimedia.com is an independent news institute, having OTI media as it’s mother body.

The main reason myotimedia is needed is to bring youth awakening to the social and political sphere in Nigeria, build morality, encourage literacy, and also help SME in marketing their wares and products to our millions of site visitors everyday.

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Please use the contact details given to contact the best person at myotimedia to answer your question or resolve your issue.

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Do you have a news tip, firsthand account, information, photos, videos about a news story or press release to pass along to our editors? Email us at newsdesk@myotimedia.com ( You will be rewarded with some token, if it worths it)

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Journalists and industry analysts can contact the otimedia press office by emailing newsdesk@myotimedia.com

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Interested in advertising? please contact: advertise@myotimedia.com

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If you are interested in working for myotimedia, please contact: workwith@myotimedia.com

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To obtain republishing rights for original myotimedia content or If you are a copyright owner/agent thereof and you believe that any of the content on myotimedia infringes upon your copyright. Please contact: box@myotimedia.com

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Send us information on technical issues you may be having with the site by emailing: admim@myotimedia.com

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To report an issue, question or problem with comments, accounts, users, your profile, or the moderation of comments. please contact: box@myotimedia.com

We know and aware the opportunity available in the Nigeria news/media sector which of course is still void and that is why we are here to fill.

We are non-partisan.

We are a real-time news platform focused on serving the Nigerian audience and the world at large with verified and undiluted news reports.

We cover breaking news and topics in areas of Business, Entertainment, People and Politics, Love and Romance, Technology and Life Style. At myotimedia.com we combine the best content, technology, and distribution capabilities to connect with millions of engaging Nigerians who rely on us for a modern, intelligent take on the world around them.

As our name implies, myotimedia, is focused on developing the highest quality grass-root and international News and intelligence Portal in Nigeria; recruiting only the most respected web-native journalists, writers and editors with deep roots in online media, internet technology and digital advertising.

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