Written By ;A. D. OMOTOSHO (YAyi)

A literary icon, professor Chinue Achebe, of late memory once said “When things fall apart even the center cannot be strong to hold it’s firm together”.

This piece is set to x-ray the anomaly in Nigeria’s educational system and suggest possible ways out of the conundrum. Without mincing words, Nigeria’s educational system is unconscious at present but I believe strongly that we can still send it to the classroom for revival.

Etymologically, the word ‘Education’ is derived from the Latin word ‘EDUCERE’, meaning ‘To lead out’.
This shows that man is endowed with some basic qualities embedded in him. However, for such qualities to manifest and be useful for the society there is need for individual abilities to be properly shaped to prevent ignorance, predicament, confusion and misconception about the things in the world around them.

Education can further be explained as the nourishment of individual to attain the natural capacity in life. This could be done through training, and upbringing of each individual in line with their culture and tradition to become acceptable members of their respective societies.

Education in a more specific term is a mechanism of making individuals to understand their societies and its structures.

The BIG question now is that, is our educational system achieving it’s underlying purposes? Absolutely, Not, our educational system is unconscious and should be sent back to the classroom for revival!
For the sake of clarity, I am going to be focusing my search light on the Educators (Teachers), the societal circumstances that determine who becomes an educator and how this is contributing greatly in paralysing our educational system.
Educators (Teachers), according to Merriam Webster Dictionary, is a person that teaches something.

Teachers are the brainbox of every developed nation. They are sources of knowledge. They are expected to be the most brilliant people on earth as it is evident in developed nations, because whatever it is you want to become in life be it an Engineer, a Medical Doctor, a Banker, an Accountant, a Politician, a Teacher ecsetera, a teacher must produce you.

Are our own teachers intelligent enough to produce adequate and competent Lawyers, Bankers, Engineers, Teachers etc for the coming generation? Can we call them sources of knowledge as they ought to be? Can we rely on their products for the development of our nation? Your guess is just as good as mine!

Albeit, I cannot exactly blame them because they are working in a society where they have been left with little or no choice. They are working in a system they were never qualified to work from the beginning. Teaching is a profession of passion but majority who are into it today are either with little or no passion for it at all.

There are thousands of persons who are naturally gifted to be in the classroom teaching who are not doing that instead they are busy doing something else, why are they not living their passion? They cannot because of the societal relegation of their passion. The choice of chosen teaching as a career choice in our country is synonymous to signing up for poverty.

This thought alone is sending majority who are competent and naturally gifted in the field away from the noble profession.
Our policy makers are nothing but political scavengers who instead of concentrating our efforts on improving our educational system by #EducatingOurEducation were busy sending their children out of the country to acquire education in a land where quality education is their priority.

Is it really impossible for us to make our educational system to be working?…

There is something I personally considered to be beautiful but disastrous. This is beautiful but disastrous and it is completely evident in our admission into higher institutions procedure and requirements, where people who scored the highest are being considered for admission in the universities, people who scored averagely are being considered by polytechnics while those who scored the least are being considered for admission by colleges of education, they are being considered for admission in colleges of education to become what? A teacher. Isn’t that horrific? Condemning people who could not performed well academically to become teachers who are going to teach the next set of Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Teachers etc? We must all put this at the back of our minds that should this continue, we are heading to that stage where all our systems will no longer work as a result of incompetent teachers. Even in some universities in Nigeria, when students don’t do well in their field of studies, they are condemned and advised to take education as though education is made for failures. May God save us.
Historically, our formal educational system was inherited from the westerners, but what are we doing when they are busy updating theirs?
Here is a clarion call to all and sundry, we should take our time to talk to all stakeholders involved to kindly take our educational system back to the classroom and be tutored.

We must collaborate to ameliorate the anomaly in our educational system.
Conclusively, we should prioritize our educational system as much as we have done for every other institutions, the strength of our educational system today is going to go a long way in determining our global place of tomorrow. We should stop the usual ways of condemning people who are less academic capacitated to become teachers. We should try to create a friendly platform to encourage those who are naturally gifted and passionate about teaching to go for it.
Putting our educational system in the rightful place is opening doors for creativity, innovation and every other necessities needed for national development.

We must all work together to bring our educational system to the classroom for timely revival.

President, Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Senate President, Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Speaker, Federal House of Representative, Nigeria.
Minister of Education, Federal Republic of Nigeria.
The entire citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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