Written by:

Maiyaki Abubakar Damilare

Yesterday, I was drowned in an ocean of doubt, having to swim through the water of disbelief and disgrace.
But today, I woke up to greet the sun of hope and smile at the sky of certainty. It was indeed the birth of, a new dawn !

Now I should dream of a better me. Of a more responsible person, more strong mentally and physically. Although I could have been a genius, diving through the confluence of my zona, propounding theories to global threats, discovering laws for human growth.

Had I known, I would fast rack my journey to the world and would have given ‘Almeto Pele and Diego Maradona’ a run for their monies. I would have told ‘Muhammed Ali’ to put his money where his mouth was. And I would steal the show from ‘Fela Kuti’ to become probably, ‘the greatest of all time.’
Oh, I missed that chance !

But peeping through the windows of imagination, I could see the rays of desire trying to crack my walls. And in a bid to ease its struggle, I opened wide, my windows. I never knew the wind of optimism was also waiting for it’s chance.
Just like that, a mixed feeling of highness overwhelmed my spirit !

I am high !
In the wilderness of my future, I am intoxicated by the curiosity of my birth and death.
What a toxic !

If my belief was right, that truly my fingers, would have shifted mountains, that my scream could kill birds, I should prove my worth.

For every new day births a new beginning, every moment marks another opportunity, every generation will surely boast of new legends.
There is never a better moment to shine !

Away from the parables, the idea behind this article was to shut the door on ‘self defeat’, ‘procrastination’, and the fears of personal insecurity’. Let us therefore leave the gates of hope and endurance opened. In the end, the land of ‘utopia’ will be reached, where all doubts shall be cleared.
Then from near and wide, people will locate you just, to say ; CONGRATULATIONS !


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