So all countries came to Joseph in Egypt to buy grain, because the famine was severe in all lands. Genesis 41:57

When you read Genesis 41, you will appreciate the wisdom of the man Joseph and his economic sagacity which is out of this world. In the time of abundance, he taught Pharaoh and Egypt to save 20% of proceeds and to sell same back to the people in time of famine and when money failed he bought their land and when land failed, he bought the people. Actually more millionaires and wealthy people are made during economic down turn or hardship than time of boom. But you must master the art of selling and deal making. What you sell should have 99% penetration into every household. Grains was a staple food required by all and nations of the world came to Joseph to buy it. Think of Dangote: Salt, Sugar, Flour, Cement, Fuel etc – basic requirements by everyone. Why won’t the man be wealthy and outstanding compared to the man who imports furniture from China, or one who sales items you buy once in your life time like Foam and mattresses. Sharpen your skill. This is Christian Economics with John Uzoma. May your eyes be open to the opportunities available to you. God bless you more.

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