‘So you ought to have deposited my money with the bankers, and at my coming I would have received back my own with interest’ Matthew 25:27

A bank may be seen as a financial institution that receives deposits from the public and creates credit. In Jesus time, this concept basically were seen as money changers and lenders (Matt. 21:12) The parable of talents implies that everyone is gifted according to his or her ability. Trading or buying and selling is here seen as the most lucrative way to multiply what you have. The indolent servant was chastised because he ought to have at least invested the money at an interest in a bank. Earlier I have told you that money is what you do with the money you have. The liquid cash in the bank is idle funds. If you cannot trade with it, check out interest rates, move the money about, open fixed deposit accounts or other high interest yielding portfolios. Talk to a confidant in the bank or your account manager. They have their under counter ways of receiving special deposits and lending officially and unofficially to investors. Be careful. Stock market is stable now and you can buy shares. Primarily or secondarily You can invest by prospecting in lands, Forex, Gold or Commodities. Anything that the value appreciates over time is good to put money into. You must be patient and mindful of fraudsters in your investment. Note values can also depreciate. Consult prayerfully. From our text, trading seems to be recommended. You can begin now to save and pull resources together, sell off any asset you have that can give you the money you need to invest me. This is Christian Economics with John Uzoma. May you be faithful in little so that more is given to you. Nothing shall limit you. Fulfill your purpose in Jesus name. Amen

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