Written by;

Maiyaki Abubakar Damilare


A warm greetings to my fellow Nigerians.
It is prudent that we make positive impact in whatever capacity we found ourselves. Since every citizen of the Country can not be a public administrator,one needs to play his role as a responsible citizen with whatever knowledge,strength and a variety of natural abilities he possess. It is only then that we could boast of contributing to the architecture of the gigantic castle, which will be the most suitable platform for hosting growth and development.

It is very unfortunate however that the foundation of this “Nation building” is faulty. And you will agree with me that no “mentally upright” constructor would joke with a foundation. Because it is the bedrock of any good structure.
“For it globally remains a unanimous perception, that he who jokes with the foundation, risks an inevitable destruction”.

No wonder !
Our Country is in a serious mess. Every building of the Country is dilapidated.
Our political-mansion is crumbling, the Poles that used to carry the tall economic-building have collapsed, and even our cultural heritage needs a serious rejuvenation. This certainly should not be a surprise, knowing fully well that the fight for the Nigeria’s independence was characterized by some elements of selfishness, greediness,ethnicity,religious bigotry and partisan politics among other non attributes of the true “spirit of Nationalism”.
After all, you don’t expect to have a solid structure when your building materials and some of the engineers are lacking in sufficient standards.
This is the current problem with Nigeria.
Nemesis is not a joke !

But the good news is this :
“For every challenge in life,there is always a way out”.
I describe this Nigerian building as a dilapidated structure because I believe there is light at the end of the tunnel. Even for a completely collapsed building, there is hope for the landlord.
As the Yoruba would say ;
‘ile oba to jo,ewaa lo bu kun’ – That is, for a palace that got burnt,it has only added to its beauty’.
Like one of my female friends would like to say :
Nothing spoil !
Here,we are not even discussing a rebuilding but a renovation.
The former is adopted when the whole structure has collapsed.
That is why there are serious cries across the regions of the Country for ” Restructuring and not Rebuilding’. This is because we all believe that the situation is still within control.

At this point, I will give a brief illustration;
When you are headed for your hostel in the dark,it is understandable if your room was room A and your direction was pointing at room B,in that circumstance, you have took the wrong steps. So what do you do?
You are not a car !
It is only a car that would miss its way and take a reverse before it could make a U turn,but when a man lost its bearing, he is expected to retrace its steps.
The same way that when a system is bad,you reorganize it. Not abandonment.
Historians believe so much in causation, the same way one thing could have led you in trouble,something else is waiting to lead you out of dilemma.
But the question is this ;
Have you discovered the solution ?

I am someone who believes so much in practical than theory. No wonder I believe more in writing than reading. For I set my mind in such a way that I will produce more than I consume. But hey, I have my flaws !
Maybe that’s the reason why great men like Philip Emeagwali and Ibrahim Ayo Balogun (Wizkid) failed common test in class,dropped out but still conquered the world !
But still,am a big fan of Education – its an eye opener. It gives you an upper hand. Just like John C.Maxwell explained in one of his books ;
“Talent is never enough”

Aminu Kano once said ;

“Nigeria will know no peace until the son of nobody can become somebody,without knowing anybody”.

We seem to be moving forward a bit in that aspect of our ‘National development’. I now know some sons and daughters of nobody that are getting due and undue favours.
‘No dispute about the fact that mediocrity is still enjoying its unparalleled triumph over merit in this Country’. But at least, that jinx seem broken.

I am therefore of the opinion that :

Nigeria will only be great when her citizenry produce more than they consume”.

Agriculture is important. No doubt !
But here,I am proposing an increase in mental production.
In Nigeria, the chain between mental consumption and production is greatly unparalleled. And this mentality has transformed into our economy to the extent that we are popular as a consuming Nation.

The argument is this :
“When there is psychological restriction,you are bound to lack creativity.
And when creativity is lacking in any society, there is a poor level of productivity,
So when a State is very less productive,their independence remains on paper”
So practically in Nigeria, we are still in the era of colonization.
The most unfortunate thing is this :
People who looks for greener pastures abroad are most vulnerable because even our International identity is not encouraging. That is why I believe that we really need to join hands and make Nigeria great again. We used to be up there. In those days,when you mention development, only the technocrats would deny its reflection.
Jokingly, even our witches are declining in fortress.

So if you asked me,I believe the solution to our problem in Nigeria is ‘Intellectual revolution’.
The best way to catch a monkey is to act like one of his family.

An average Nigerian youth is an internet frick. In other words,we are the social media generation. Myself and many other Nigerian youths are gadget addicts.
If we were not with our phones,we would be glued to the T.V.
I could remember the #ENDSARS trend. It was a testimony to our activeness on social media. A major reason why politicians are using these platform to reach out to the youths.
But its so unfortunate when I heard that the #ENDSARS protest later held but with a ridiculous turnout.
Then I asked myself.
Where are the social media voices ?
But the answer is not far fetched.
We are scared to do “physical protest” thinking that we might risk our freedom and future during the process.
But let me put some rhetorics forward :
Are we not living in bondage already ?
Does the Nigerian youths have the future ?

What other bondage could be more cruel than economic and political bondage ? The one that forces our brothers and sisters to another man’s land where they get chained and sold in peanuts.
What future do we have when we wander in penury and live on fallacious hope ?

The social media is a very great tool in modern politics. But it needs a compliment. That was how I arrived at the twin revolutionary theory. I believe the Entertainment industry is another big platform. While the social Media aids the voice,the Entertainment industry has the capacity to lead the ideological revolution.
That’s one major reason why Nigerians will never forget Fela Anikulapo Kuti. We need that strong voice!
We still yearn for that Messiah !
Who will sacrifice the abundancy of life for the liberation of the masses.

We have Comedians in that industry,Musicians, DJs,Producers and Actors who all climbed the ladder of greatness through the cheers and the hard earned monies of these charming masses.
The common man sees entertainment as the last hope when all options are down. When there is no good food to eat,no portable water,no good infrastructure among other sufferings they have been made to go through by those they have painfully voted for in a long queue under sun and rain,thinking that their sorrow would vanish, and yet their condition became critical as these pests still derives joy in looting funds and living them with almost nothing to smile about,some tries to escape, some commits crime and while some commits suicide.
Yet,some still feels that they could forget about their sorrow and miserable life by getting entertained. They save monies out of the ridiculous minimum wage they get and the menial jobs they resulted to,and they download songs,attend concerts,like their favorite entertainer’s pictures on I.G and the likes.
Thus,giving employment to some of their own in the music industry, comedy,Nollywood and the rest.
But when the stage for stardom is set and wealth is made,all these employees does to their masters is to flaunt wealth on Instagram and bidding a farewell to poverty forever.

Who will speak for them ?
Who else could understand them better?

Its high time our entertainers stopped being ingrates and speak on behalf of the masses.

I know some of my audience would be in the position of Davido,Funke Akindele and Bovi in future. Please let us do it differently.

“Our Country needs an intellectual revolution in Social media and Entertainment industry”
Those are the two platforms I tip to bring a serious change to our politicking..

I so submit..

God bless Nigeria🇳🇬

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