The royal wedding

The urge to comment on today’s main event – The Royal wedding of Harry and Meghan, now the Duke & Duchess of Sussex, just won’t go away.

The uniqueness of Anglican Liturgy was on display. The traditional and yet inclusive diversity was visible. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby who “joined” the couple graciously allowed the first black head of the Episcopal Church of America Michael Currey to charge the 600 odd people at St. George’s Cathedral with typical evangelical ethos. He spoke on the redemptive power of love. Very inspiring. The choir also singing the 1961 “Stand by me” laced the service with Negro spirituals. Meghan, a divorcee and first bi-racial member of the Royal family had her mark, yes, ancestral mark on it all.
As an Anglican Priest, I am enthused at the simplicity, fluidity and tradition of the Church displayed. It just hit me, these guys have moved on and are adapting to remain relevant. Why shouldn’t we too? Since our tiff on gay issues and the revisionist agenda of the global West, are we better off? Are we dynamic and accommodating? Or are we caught in a theological limbo of finding our feet? Are we still clutching on to obsolete traditions that has no religious significance? Can we accommodate some of the things we saw in the Cathedral in our local churches today? Prince Charles, father of the groom walked the bride to the alter in the absence of her father. He also took the hand of Meghan’s mother to sign the marriage register. Such a display of warmth and acceptance. Indeed the Windsor Castle now reflect the contemporary British world. I guess we can be more evangelical and more flexible while not compromising on the basics. We can be less judgmental and antagonistic and show more love, respect and discipline. I have a dream and hope of a glorious revival in the Anglican Church in Nigeria. A dream of a Church where everyone is welcomed and prepared for heaven.
John Uzoma

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