Written by:

Maiyaki Abubakar Damilare

Little or no wonder while she became a victim of circumstance, albeit with no fault of hers. She did everything right, that wasn’t obscure. But in recounting the predicament she suffered, it was far from articulacy. It was really a vague. Yet, never a fallacy !

Her naïveté was unforgivable. With the best of qualities, added to her teenage status, only a miracle could protect her pride in such a society :
A society that although pampers the female child but does encourage gender dichotomy. It was such an environment where no one would blame the assaulter as long as the “lone righteousness” is fulfilled ; just have a pintle !

But should it be ?

Of what essence is her “being” when she feels abandoned ?
Is it not a barbaric act to continue to adopt the practices of the primitive age in the 21st century ?
By now, shouldn’t our society have progressed massively in moral principles and natural justice ?
I sincerely feel that there is no serious need to call for gender equality because there is equal opportunity for all on paper. But it is understandably so ; the society has really frustrated all the ‘women right’ efforts.
I therefore suggest to the ‘leagues of women activism’ to look inward and see how they could block the loopholes of ‘societal division’ rather than castigating the government. The latter would only decelerate the already soft motion of our ‘Nation building.’

Thanks to the society !
Many guys have capitalized on that to rob their female counterparts of their right. It is on that note nonetheless, that I will narrate the story of a cheated ‘girl’, who goes by the name Amina.

Amina was a very charming girl of age 15. The last and only daughter from a family of five. On the 3rd of August 2003, the family of Mr. Madaimu was blessed with a female child after many years of prayers. It was no doubt, a day of an undiluted joy for the family and well wishers alike.

moreover, it was not to the surprisal of many as the young girl became a duplicate of her mother. Mrs. Madaimu’s beauty was visible enough to the blind and her soothing voice could make a deaf regain his sense of hearing.
Although it is believed that nobody is perfect but perhaps if I had seen the mother of Jesus Christ, then alone I would realize the imperfections of Mrs.Madaimu.
Only Mary and a few others though, could have been better !

In short, Amina became not only a gem in the sight of her own family, but a friend of all. With a very good IQ, she made everyone proud and earned a scholarship to study nursing abroad, courtesy of the United Nations.
But alas ! She never prepared for the unknown brutality that halted her existence on the 20th of march 2018. Amina’s lifeless body was discovered at her father’s backyard with stains of blood.
The result of the autopsy conducted thereafter revealed that she was raped. in fact, a gang rape. Further investigation linked the evil to a set of boys in the neighborhood. And that was how Amina was denied of her deserved progress in life.
I pray may this never be your portion !

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