Written by; Maiyaki Abubakar Damilare

Rather than to cause a global confusion,
Our “multi racialism” should command a unanimous ovation
As it was an idea to exhibit God’s uniqueness and trolls.
Thus it should be extolled, not scold.

Our divergence is a glaring beauty,
Hence desires for racial perfection is unnecessary.
Today we fight, tomorrow we die !
Should we continue to allow these human disasters bereave

Our world of its aesthetics and endowment ?
When would we come of age and cohabit,
Without repeated enactments, and clear all the doubts ?
Or are we not the same people who claims to be descendants of Adam ?

Even if our perspective of human development was an evolution of science,
Did we not learn about our negro origin ?
Should the black color be a cause or a beauty ?
Shall we now let history repeat itself
And let ego bring us to another universal perdition ?

The theatre of war should be avoided,
The Ideological differences should be prevented,
And let us welcome diplomatic relations in our dealings.

Let the Indians behave,
Let the blacks never be called slaves,
And should an Arab set his foot on European soil,
Let his family and properties be safe !
For there is uniqueness in our course,
Therefore let us embrace the slogan of
“Unity in Diversity.”


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