Written by; Maiyaki Abubakar Damilare

Distraction is a very deadly disease. Indeed,a disease of the mind.
A distraction could however be an event, a person or even a device. Sometimes, it could be a self product ; as a result of shallow or negative thoughts.

It is equally important to note that distraction has no iota of positivity whatsoever. The sole purpose of distraction in a man’s life is to steal.
In other words,”distraction is an invisible robber that robs its victims of great potentials,by breaking through the door of their mind.”

When distraction comes,it arrests the victim of his biggest endowment. It is crystal clear at least in most clime,that the human mind is the store of his valuables.
Since one could eat and throw up,drink and urinate,and so on and so forth. Only the mind absorbs !
With that illustration, it is not out of point to assert ; that a damage to the mind is tantamount to an injury to the body but not vice versa.

A damage to the mind could cause a depression,a psychological trauma,a heart attack, a mental disorder and in short, Death.

One might be lucky to stay healthy after a distraction though. But that depends on the degree of distraction. One thing that is of course inevitable is that distraction will leave its victim nagging !
When distraction sets in,people of value will lose it,self esteem will vanish,self confidence will go into extinction. And alas,the mind would be overwhelmed by hatred,sorrow,illusion and memory loss among many others.

By that time,a lad full of potentials will go astray, a lady full of dreams will miss her way, a couple full of promises will break apart !
Homes will tear apart !
Tears will have its clear path !
Then mourn songs will be the order of the day !

Today,so many people have buried their ambitions because somebody didn’t believe in them. A lot of youths are taking wrong steps due to bad influence.
There is political apathy due to bad orientation.

Today, mediocrity and merit are not living their purpose.
As many brilliant students are not proud of their grades while their average counterparts smile at their portals.

Today,hard work and laziness are confused.
As diligent people now wander in penury, while their lazy folks live comfortably.

Today, corruption and integrity are wrongly interpreted. As the perpetrator of evils have justification and morality has long lost its place.

All these are distractions !
Because the in depth definition of distraction is this :
The wise will appear as fools !
The Noblemen will be sidelined !
The believers will get mocked !
Certainly, left will be right !
And black will become white !
The beautiful thing in the end is that nemesis will catch up. When distraction shall be removed like a veil,and the eyes shall see clearly !
By then,those who are steadfast will rejoice, and those who got tricked by distraction shall cry in remorse.

My simple message is this :
“There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, never get distracted.”
Wave at distractions and stay focused !


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