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Writing Opportunities with OTI media

Do you love writing about things such as trending news, articles, prose and product reviews? Then you might be just the person we’re looking for.

OTI media is dedicated to providing our readers with frequent engaging and entertaining content. This ranges from the latest and trending news and gist, to politics and educational issues
We’re always looking for talented writers who can write valuable content for us.

The only criteria we have is this:

English is either your primary language or you’re fluent in English

You’re at least 15 years of age

You love writing and learning new things – Research will be needed to make sure what we add is factual

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Please note: This is NOT for people looking to write under 100 characters. This is for writing about news or interesting topics in detail. Please also remember, this is an excellent experience for anyone wishing to further a career in writing, or just enjoys writing as a hobby in their spare time. In exchange for your writing, we will allow you to put a link to your website or social media account at the end of the article. We can also offer you a writing job if you are very good.
Note: This is not paid work until certain requirements are met. Our requirements are simple, but consistency, exclusivity, and conscious attenuating are edges.

Please email us at news@myotimedia with samples of your writing, or a writing you’d like us to publish if you are interested in writing for us. While sending us a message, state if it’s a sample or you want it published.

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